Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a little somethin' I'm proud of...

This was a gift to my nephew and his bride for their wedding last summer...  I wanted to snap pics of it before I gave it to them, but didn't have time...so here it is, already written in...and honestly, I think it looks better this way.  :) 

Custom, press-printed 12x12 hardcover album with hinged-lay flat pages that make it so easy to write in.  Perfect for a wedding reception sign-in book. 

What do you think?  Other sizes and designs available...  email me for pricing and information at sharihansonphotography@gmail.com

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aleksander | OC Baby Photographer

This time of year is generally a slow time for photography...and so I thought I'd post some cute images of my sweet baby Aleks. I wanted to show how much fun you can have capturing your own kiddos...and I'm thankful for a camera that has the capabilities to snap 3.9 frames per second...so I never miss those slight changes in his expression! That is one of the beauties of digital photography... I processed them very simply, by just adding a split-tone in ACR... Enjoy!

p.s. these were taken a month ago...he is already 6 months old now...and has a 3rd tooth!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

JDRF | OC Portrait Photographer

Greyson is my dear friend Kristie's sweet 3-yr-old son...who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I still remember her calling me asking for help with rescheduling her hair appointments (she is a FABULOUS hair dresser!) because she was taking little Greyson to the hospital...not exactly sure what was wrong with him.  It caught me off guard, but I could tell by the tone in her voice, she was trying to be calm, but she was worried.  This was serious. 

I guess Greyson had been showing signs of having diabetes for a little while...but Kristie and her husband just didn't see it...until a friend mentioned that his symptoms sounded like diabetes.  That was all it took...and Greyson ended up being admitted to the hospital for a few days while they helped get his blood glucose levels normal again. 

Flashback about 2 1/2 years to when Greyson was still a baby...I can't remember all the details...in fact I can't even remember if we were at my house, or Kristie's, but I do remember giving Greyson a taste of something - something like frosting, again, the details are hazy...but the next thing I know, Kristie is like, "Did you just give Greyson some of that?"  I said, "Yeah, is that OK?"  She very politely said, "No, actually, I don't give my babies sugar during their first year..."  I honestly thought she was joking at first...but then it hit me...I had CORRUPTED her child!  I felt terrible! 

Now, here we are a few years later...and Greyson has diabetes...of course NOT because I gave him sugar before he turned 1, but that story immediately popped into my brain as soon as I heard he had it. 

So this handsome (he hates it when you call him cute!) little boy now has to have his levels checked throughout the day, and his parents help treat him by administering insulin injections.  Talk about having your life turned upside down!  Basing it on how it was for me when I had Gestational Diabetes, it really does affect the whole family, not just the individual.  But I know Greyson has amazing parents, and a loving support system of family and friends. 

Why am I telling you this story?  Well...not only does my dear friend's son have Type 1, but I also have 2 cousins who have it...and for a while now, I've been thinking of donating a portion of all of my sales to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, or JDRF as they prefer to be called, because they serve ALL who suffer from Type 1, not just children.  To read more about them, check out their website at www.jdrf.org
and if you'd like, you can make a personal donation on their site as well.

I'm sure we all know someone with diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2, or even Gestational.  It can be scary, but it can also be managed...thankfully.  JDRF is working to find a cure for it...so I am all for supporting them in their cause!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

it's like "salad" | oc family photographer

When I talked to Chelsea on the phone to schedule her session, I asked what her last name was, and she said, "Salas...like salad but with an S instead of a D."  For some reason that has stuck with me...so clever!  I met her parents last fall when they came in town and we got some great shots of them under the Seal Beach pier.  They bought a gift certificate and gave it to Chelsea and Matt for Christmas...in hopes that they would be able to get some family pictures before Matt was deployed to Afghanistan.  Yes...this young man is a Marine, and is leaving soon.  He will be gone for about 6 months.  It breaks my heart to think about this sweet family being separated...but at the same time I feel so much pride and respect for what he's doing.  They have been living at Camp Pendleton, and so we decided to meet each other halfway in San Clemente for our session.  Here are some of my favorite images...

Just in case you didn't already know, I offer a standing 50% discount to all active military families.  :)
God Bless The USA!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

cropping portaits | orange county photographer

I wanted to show you another pull back, which actually is still great as it was shot in camera, but I decided to crop out some of the distractions to give it more of a portrait feel.  So easy... 

What do you think?  Which one do you prefer?