Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Skinners | OC Couples Photography

Look at this cute couple, so in love! Jim and Jackie came in town from Utah to visit their new granddaughter! Seal Beach is near and dear to their hearts, so we planned to meet there under the pier. Well...unfortunately the beach was closed because they were bulldozing all the sand! We decided to go for it anyway, thinking the worst that could happen would be that they tell us to leave. So we ventured down in the sand, and just as we were about to cross the path of the construction trucks, a life guard truck pulled up and stopped us. Jackie explained that they were visiting from out of town, and that she really, REALLY wanted a few shots under the pier... The life guard (Lori) was so helpful! She called her supervisor and we got permission to grab a few photos and then get outta there! I am so happy it worked out... Jim and's a peek at our session!