Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shainnen - HBHS Senior Rep | OC High School Senior Photographer

This sneak peek was a long time coming...! Thanks for your patience as I worked through a few bugs with switching over to a new computer and CS3 not quite cooperating!

ANYWAY...ok...prepare yourself for a gorgeous young lady! Shainnen totally knew how to work was fun! She was modeling from H to T baby! (p.s. the new ANTM started last night! whoo-hoo!) Ok, sorry I get distracted easily. I am really loving working with HS's so fun!

Enjoy the sneak peek:

Shainnen, you are just lovely!  


Michelle Y. Luke said...

I am AWESTRUCK! These are SPECTACULARLY MAGNIFICENT, and so worth the wait! Your photographs convey beauty in a very natural state, and to me, that's art in its purest form. You have made me memories that I will treasure forever. Thank you, Shari.

P.S.- I think we're going to have to order some prints and some announcements. We should wait until all of the images have completed processing, and then maybe we can sit down and you can explain packages and pricing.

P.P.S.- Shainnen LOVES her pics, and wanted me to tell you and say thanks for everything.

Kristen Duke Photography said...

love her hair. love her eyes. love that red jacket. great close ups!