Monday, March 22, 2010

family fun | OC Family, Baby, Child Photographer

After lots of rescheduling due to all the rain we had this winter, we were FINALLY able to get together for this family mini-session. I was excited to take them to this new location! It was's a peek at our session:

I especially love these last two... We were trying to get a cute one of Mom & Dad kissing and the baby spit up all over daddy's hands/shirt/lap and we all started laughing but went ahead and attempted the kiss anyway...I love the look on Dad's face and how big brother is laughing and baby sister is screaming! If you have little ones, you know this is a classic family moment!


Kristie K. said...

so cute! those colors look great together. What great family shots!!!

Maria said...

I love the colors in the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't get the pictures to come up. Any help??