Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Zaden | OC Newborn Photographer

Meet baby Zaden...2 weeks old and absolutely an angel! He was so much fun to photograph! He is my friend Jaclyn's 4th boy...yes, my friends, FOUR boys! (I'm pretty sure I'm headed down the same path!) Anyway, CONGRATS on another handsome little guy...and I hope you like the pics!


Jaclyn said...

My husband & I LOVE the photos already! Thank you SO MUCH for taking time out of your schedule to take these pictures! GREAT work! Can't wait to see the rest! =)

Lynn McCrazy said...

I love these photos. What a precious baby. He's a mix of the boys.
Sheri's good!

Lynn McCrazy said...

oops Sheri. I didn't realize this was your blog. Great work!