Friday, November 14, 2008

"J" Family Sneak Peak

I had so much fun and your boys are just adorable! Thanks for being such good sports, I hope you had good time too! Here just a few teasers... I know you've been anxiously awaiting some, so here ya go! :)


Jillyboo said...

Love these shots... and this family. You did a great job capturing them.
Did you have a date that worked for us? I can do almost anytime other than the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or that weekend. maybe Monday the 1st or Wednesday the 3rd? And if you are still wanting to I can do you guys pretty much anytime.

Jenny J said...

i love them.
thank you so much for your patience. that first picture is really an explanation of how the day was and you were so patient.
all i wanted was one picture, and it looks like you got so many more.
thank you so much. to have a family picture that i am actually happy with - is priceless.

Emily and Brian said...

I am Bob's sister and just wanted to stop by and say that I love the pictures! The family shot is great and I love the one of my brother and little Bobby! Great job!