Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Elsner Grandkids Sneak Peek

Just a teaser...hope you guys like them! I still can't get over how cute it was when Cameron came up to me and said, "Thanks for taking my picture!" and then Kainoa chimed in, "Yeah, thanks, it was fun taking pictures!" That totally took me by surprise! All of your kiddos are SOOO cute!


Kim Harvey said...

You are seriously a great photographer, Shari. I am so impressed with all the sneak peeks I have seen. Great job!

Erica said...

Great pictures Shari...can't wait to see more!

Maria said...

Is this the Elsner family that was in our ward when we lived in FV? Wow, Erica and Brittany used to babysit our girls!!! what beautiful kids.