Thursday, January 17, 2013

an independent eater

I've been struggling with keeping up 2 blogs - my personal blog and this photography blog - for quite some time.  So, every now and then, I will be posting some personal things on this blog... in an effort to share more of my life through pictures, and also to help my readers/clients get to know me better.

Among the all the busy things happening in my life as a mom to 4 boys, is that I am learning to "let go" of my control issues (never thought I had control issues until I became a parent!) when it comes to meal times with Aleksander.  He is nearly 16 months old, and so badly wants to be an independent feeder/eater.  He is starting to have very strong opinions about what foods he will and won't eat, as well as putting his foot down on who does the feeding -- NOT ME.  This means lots of big messes...squishing food between his fingers...sticky table...sticky floor...sticky hair...etc. etc. etc...

What's the big deal?


That's what I've finally settled on.

What. Is. The. Big. Deal?

Why am I not letting my little guy enjoy the experience of feeding himself?

So...I decided to document breakfast today...because seriously, he is just so darn adorable!  I want to remember him learning to feed himself and delighting in mess making.

It's the small things that matter most, friends...

At the request and smart suggestion of my friend Kristen over at Capturing the Joy (a super fun blog! go check it out!) I am attempting to get into more pics with my kiddos...even early in the morning, with bed head and no make-up.  This is real life!

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I'd love to see what you're posting too!

Happy Thursday!

xo,  Shari

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Kristene said...

Now THAT's the mothering I remember so well! Hats off to your dynamic boys, Shar! :)