Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Winner

I guess my title should have been reversed because I am going to announce the winner for my Holiday Giveaway FIRST and then wish you Merry Christmas SECOND.  :)  Don't hate.  Scatterbrained and disorganized is how I roll.

So...after carefully recruiting friends (it was hard to find people who didn't personally know the nominees!) to help vote on the nominations that were sent in, we sat at a TIE for 2 days and this morning another one of my lovely and helpful friends sent in her vote, breaking the tie.  Thank you all for your participation - whether it was in your heartfelt and thoughtful nominations, or in giving your time and consideration as you helped judge the nominations.

Each one of the stories sent in was truly touching...and as I personally know some of the people nominated, I'm sure you understand that there is just NO WAY that I could be the final judge!  So thank you for your patience while we got it fairly sorted out.

You're probably wondering when I'm going to stop blabbing and just make the announcement already!  So here ya go...the winner for my 2012 Holiday Giveaway is:


I am thrilled, and excited to photograph this beautiful family!  Without divulging too much personal information, I will just say that they have been through A LOT as a couple and as a family and someone who loves photography (and is a great photog as well!) as much as Sara does, I hope they will be equally as thrilled to receive this gift of family photos!

Now that we got the biz stuff out of the way...I wanted to share with you a little newsletter I put together with a cute, FREEBIE template I got from birdesign - they have lots of fun freebies and cute templates for sale, go check 'em out!  

Merry Christmas from the Hansons!  (Click to enlarge)

Much love to you all and thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

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