Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Richins Family | OC Family Photographer

I first met Lisa and Abby 2 years ago for portraits down at Crystal Cove...and was so excited when she contacted me again to let me know they were coming out to California!  I was even more excited to find out that this sweet mother-daughter duo has expanded into an awesome family of 6! I was so thrilled to meet Matthew and his 3 kids, and to see how happy they all are together!

They live in Joplin, Missouri, and thankfully were spared by that terrible tornado that ripped through there recently! It was chilling to hear them talk about the utter destruction...but also heart warming to hear about people lending a hand whenever and wherever they could to help those who lost their homes, or even worse, their loved ones.

This time we met for family pics down at the Balboa Fun Zone...on a typical June Gloomy morning, but still managed to have tons of fun together and get some great shots. Here is a peek at our session!


Lisa said...

love the one with the striped colorfull strips ! and the sitting one at the beach....

Kristen Duke Photography said...

How fun to see their family expand in love! Beautiful shots!!!