Friday, January 28, 2011

make it fabulous!

wow, i can't believe a whole week has gone by since my last post!  i have been meaning to post more frequently, but time just keeps slipping away from me!

however, i have my 2nd Make It Fabulous post ready to share with you today...and hopefully some of what i share will help you out!

this image was shot in my tiny little apartment, using the light from the window, and a black blanket as a backdrop...

I used a 50mm prime lens, at f1.4, 1/80 and ISO 800 (it was actually quite dark b/c it was late afternoon, that is why i used a higher ISO)

After opening the image in Camera Raw, this is what I adjusted:
Bump up contrast to +40
Bump up clarity to +15
Bump up vibrance to +5

Adjust curves to “Strong contrast”

Then, open in Photoshop.

To get rid of that bluish spot at the top, I Used the Clone Stamp Tool at 100% opacity and sampled a spot that was completely black (alt + click on the area you want to sample) 
and then I brush over the bluish spot and turn it black.


Just crop it – I personally like how it looks cropped better anyway.  
 There was just too much black at top and bottom before. 

I already knew I wanted this in black and white, so I then I go to Image>Adustments>Black and White.  Then I adjust the reds to 10% and yellows to 75% -- this darkens the reds a bit and lightens the yellows, making his skintone more even and less splotchy in black and white.

TRA Boring Sepia at 25%

Flatten, sharpen and save!

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