Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kelly Moore Bags...

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth a Kelly Moore Bag!  Seriously, after spending hours browsing online, and googling camera bags, I kept coming back to Kelly Moore Bags! 

Then my husband sent me a text yesterday (unaware that I had even been thinking about a new bag) and asked what kind of new camera bag would I want?

So, we browsed together, read all about all kind of bags, looked at like 2 bajillion pictures of bags and kept coming back to Kelly Moore!

So, now that I've narrowed it down to which company I like -- the hard part is going to be choosing a style and color!!!!!!

What I like about the B-Hobo and the Posey is that I could easily use either one of them as my regular purse...I especially love the built-in wallet feature of the Posey.  And I guess the B-Hobo bag is SUPER popular because many of them are SOLD OUT but will be available next Spring.

When my family was photographed by Natalie Norton this summer, she was carrying the mustard yellow Kelly Boy bag...and Brad and I both really like the style and size of that bag as well!  It's so hard to decide!

If you have a minute, browse the site and let me know your opinion on which bag I should get!!!   I need help!!! 


Kristen Duke Photography said...

I want the hot pink classic! All so cute;)

Maria said...

I have to agree, I really like the classic, hot pink or blue.

Jaclyn said...

Wow, those are nice camera bags! Didn't know they made anything like that! Good luck choosing one! ;)