Friday, April 3, 2009

Kay | OC Maternity Photography

Less than 24 hrs after I took these pics, Kay had her baby!!! They named him Maxwell Duke -- SO CUTE! Can't wait to see him! Congrats to the proud parents and big sister!
At the request of my beautiful cousin, I am to let you all know that she is due ANY DAY NOW and that I don't normally recommend doing maternity shoots this late in a pregnancy. Usually around 33 or 34 weeks is good. you can see in the following pics, she looks gorgeous, radiant, and happy! Everything an expectant mother should be!

Thanks Kay - it was fun! LOVE YA! Can't wait to see the new little guy and snap some shots of him for you!

Ha, ha...very funny!!!


Matt and Kay Jones said...

Shari they turned out so cute and hilarious! I had so much fun. Thanks again!

Jack and Heidi Shiner said...

Shari they look so good!!! You are such a good photographer.

Kristen said...

she is a beautiful gal--i love her yellow accesories. How fun that she had the baby the next day!

TheReadFam said...

I wish I looked that stylish when I was prego, great locations, very creative.