Monday, December 8, 2008

Jenks Family

I had so much fun with you guys...your family is so sweet and I just love Brady so much! He's such a handsome little guy! And thanks - a HUGE thanks - to Steve, I didn't lose my cute red chair at the beach. :) Thanks again...hope you guys like them! I had so much fun going through and editing your pics. They will be finished soon...but until then, here are just a few of my favorites:


Tiffany J said...

Shari! We LOVE THEM! I especially love the close up of our fam, Brady and of course...that infamous RED CHAIR! THANK YOU! We had a blast and are totally going to reep the benefit of your talents! Thanks again!

Grady8080 said...

Boy that wall gets a lot of action. I really like that setting. It is crazy how many neat enviroments are around us we don't notice.

Kristen Duke said...

I love that orangish red wall and the red chair is cute, too.